Art Director, Graphic designer, Photographer. His experience is build up over the last decade where he worked for many different clients and projects. 
At the moment he leads an Creative studio called Woodpack based in Amsterdam. His core team where he makes projects happen and evolve into something greater. Curious and having a wide range of interests, Chris pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and intimately considered. Woodpack is a boutique that helps others like agencies and clients to brand themselves better at the fields of Branding and Film. With Woodpack he operates worldwide for clients in Paris, New York, London and Los Angeles. He does this together with his team of creatives that share his passion and vision. Recently he has worked for: Akzo Nobel, Swatch, Shell, Deli2go, Patta and Municipal of Amsterdam. His core focus in his work is to always watch to the story that can benefit the purpose of design, branding, film and more. Are there connections to make or are you completely missing your target? What is trendy and how can this work for your target audience? These are the main focus points he focusses on.
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